We can convert your audio reel to reel tapes to CD for an affordable price.  Our pricing is  $8.00 per reel.   There is a bulk price per reel for 10 or more.


We can convert 3", 5", and 7" reels.


Each album / cassette will have one CD.  Each additional CD for an album / cassette will be $1.00 per additional CD.


Each CD will be printed  with a label, with the title of the reel, and a playlist of the selections on the CD.  If you would like more info on the CD, we ask that you send that info to us with the reels


You don't have to be in our area, you can mail the reels to us.  We will mail the finished product along with your reels to you.  We will mail anywhere in the Continental United States.


To inquire for more information, please Contact Us!



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