State Highways In my travels, I have seen alot of roads and their route numbers, here in Alabama alone. So I decided to jot down the various route numbers I came across .I obtained the official map of Alabama and verified the number I had and used the map to reference terminus points and mileage. The mileage I have down in the charts has and error margin of 2-4 miles. I have decided to take my research further and dig deep into the history of Alabama's Highways. So, I asked the Alabama Department of Transportation for material on the highways. I obtained copies of official highway maps from 1940-1990. In the Notes column of each route number, The year in ()refers to the year it changed or initially appeared. . I will not say that my reference is exactly right, but I feel that is pretty close. I will accept any and all information from anyone to help me make these charts as close to accurate as possible. In Alabama, it is rare to non-existant for state routes to be maked with the cooresponding U.S. route. Only recently has this happened, with the signing of Corridor X, which is for now U.S.78. As the state continues to re-route U.S. highways onto newly built 4-lanes, D.O.T. reassigns the old 2- lane portions with state designations, thus the usage of the 3di, starting with 200, or the state designates it a county route. Alabama's highways stick to the Odd number-north-south, Even number east-west designation. Also, the mile markers run from terminus to terminus, or state line to state line. However, when more than one route share the highway, it's a crap shoot as to which highway the mile marker is for. So, the following charts are accurate to the best of my ability, with the maps listed above as my references.

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